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(via Bradley Wiggins out of Tour of Britain as Tiernan-Locke takes lead)
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2012 Tour of Britain, Stage 4: Cav + Win = After victory salute, thank your teammates (especially your wingman).
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Mark Cavendish - Team SKY
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Great Britain’s Mark Cavendish attends the signature ceremony prior to the beginning of the 197 km and third stage of the 2012 Tour de France (via Photo from Getty Images)
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I’m a little bit in love with Brad and Cav
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Well you're quite attractive ;)

I’m not but thank you.

you probably know who i am, but i don't even care. i love you nathaniel, ever since the day i first met you, and i know we can never go back to what we were, then again we weren't really anything, but i actually miss you and its slowly killing me. what i say probably doesnt have any effect on you, and the amount of time i open your name on chat and then close it again is uncountable, you will always be the first guy i fell in love with, and i'll probably always love you.

It would have an effect on me if i knew who you were, please just tell me? Message me on Facebook or text me.

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Rigoberto Uran by smashred on Flickr.
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